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The Research Grant program assists investigators, new or established, who have research projects for which they need support. While the OHF primarily seeks to fund grants which will increase the understanding of Primary Hyperoxaluria and oxalosis and improve the clinical management and treatment of the genetic diseases, applications focused on hyperoxaluria and oxalosis associated with other conditions and diseases will also be considered.

Support: Applications for up to two years of support will be considered. These funds may be used in the following categories: Personnel, Supplies, Other Costs, Travel, and Equipment. Indirect costs up to 10% of the direct costs (excluding equipment) may be requested.

Research Grant Application Process
2014 Announcement of Request for Proposals

Application Form Instructions:

1. All completed applications must be submitted electronically to grantapp@ohf.org in Microsoft Word Format. Applications must be typed, single spaced, 11 pt Times-Roman font with at least one-inch margins. Appendices must be in Adobe Acrobat format (version 5.0 or higher).

    Mail the original, signed application with all attachments to Kim Hollander at OHF by midnight on October 15, 2014. Late applications post-marked after the deadline, will not be accepted. The receipt deadline will not be waived.

    Application email:            grantapp@ohf.org
    Application address: Kim Hollander
    Executive Director
    201 East 19th Street, Suite 12E
    New York, New York 10003

2. A short paragraph should be included in the General Objectives and Rational section describing the relevance of the proposed research to the goals of the OHF which are to find a cure for oxalosis, Primary Hyperoxaluria, and related stone diseases and to improve the care and treatment of those it affects.

3. Please review the entire application form before completing. The first step in using the application is to enter your name in the "document author" field, so it will be propagated into the heading on all pages. Follow these steps to fill in the document author field:

  1. Open the application and pull down the "File" menu. Select "Properties".
  2. Click the Summary tab and enter your name into the "Author" field. Note: Enter your name surname first, first name last (e.g. Smith, Jane)
  3. Click OK and save the application.

4. Pages 1-8 are to be completed by all applicants. The Principal Investigator must sign the Assurance statement at the bottom of page 6 for the application to be reviewed.

Award Notification

Applicants will be notified in writing regarding the status of their applications. Notification for Research Grants will be sent by March 15, 2015. PLEASE DO NOT CALL TO REQUEST COMMENTS OR TO ASCERTAIN WHETHER OR NOT THE GRANT HAS BEEN FUNDED. (Please Note: It is the responsibility of the Applicant to notify his/her institution of any OHF Award.)

OHF Research Grant Application

Please note that we have changed our grant application forms and instructions to be easier to use.

You must download both files below:
MS Word file - Grant Application
  Contains an MS-Word document.
Acrobat File - Grant Application Instructions Only
  Instructions in Adobe Acrobat Format


The OHF encourages grant re-submissions of revised grants based upon the Reviewers comments. Revised grant applications submitted to OHF require a 2-page introduction addressing the Reviewers' comments from the prior review of the grant application. Re-submissions follow the same guidelines and procedures as initial submissions.

Should you have any problems with downloading these files, please send email to webmaster@ohf.org and we'll do our best to help you resolve them. Thanks!

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